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Induction Thermacube

To complement CookTek's range of Heated Pizza Bag Delivery Systems, Cooktek have launched the cordless Thermacube Food Bag Delivery System. Due to the higher bag volume, this heating element reaches a much higher temperature than the pizza system to ensure the food is hot whilst also maintaining the correct humidity level.

To achieve this Cooktek have coupled induction technology with RFID technology to control acccurately the heating of these bags. A wide range of foods are able to be delivered in the Thermacube System, including foods that are considered impossible to deliver in good condition, such as chips and burgers.  

We have many end users who can testify to the ability of this product, or we can arrange to demonstrate the effectiveness at your own premises.


CookTek Thermacube Food Bag Delivery

The CookTek Standard ThermaCube thermal delivery bags are designed for use with CookTek’s TCS200 ThermaCube induction bag chargers.
A ThermaCube specific pellet tray assembly must be ordered for each bag.

Replacement pellets tray assemblies are available separately as spares.

CookTek ThermaCube Standard (TCS) bag size

TCS Outside Dimensions W 36cm x D 34cm X H 25cm

CookTek ThermaCube Tall (TCT) bag size

TCT Ouside Dimensions W36cm at base, expanding to 38cm at top. D 34cm at base, expanding to 36cm at top. H 33cm.

To be used with the CookTek Thermacube TCS200 charger only, and not with the PTDS Pizza Delivery System.

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