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Developed in 1999, Cooktek launched the world renowned Induction Pizza Heated Delivery Bag, now used by the major pizza delivery chains around the world.

Cooktek have now taken this technology to yet a new level, introducing two heated food bag delivery systems. These new systems, primarily using induction technology have also introduced a further level of technology, this being RFID. The RFID technology, when coupled with induction technology allows far greater control of temperatures, so allowing Cooktek to reach the higher temperatures that are required in the larger volumes of a heated food delivery bag.

In developing Cooktek's new cordless, Thermacube, heated food delivery bag, the engineers's paid particluar attention to humidity, whilst still retaining the heat - enabling the new Thermacube heated food delivery bags to deliver difficult food items such as burger and chips, and fish and chips in good condition.

In developing the heated food delivery bag it was important to be able to deliver a wide variety of foods, so these new systems are capable of delivering:

• Indian

• Mexican

• Chinese

• Burgers and chips

• Chicken and chips

• Fish and chips

To name but a few products.

We have many reference sites to help you feel secure in purchasing these products.

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