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Energy saving features high in our company profile, induction cooking is 90% energy efficient, if you compare this to a gas flame, which is between 30 and 50% efficient. With these savings, the financial investment in induction is quickly recouped.     

Induction cooking, besides being a lage energy saver, brings a host of other benefits to the caterer or user.

Induction is as controllable as gas, but only uses energy when the pan is in place, completing the circuit. This results in even greater energy saving, as gas flames and normal electric hobs, are left on all the time. Induction cooking also creates a cooler working environment for the chefs, as the only heat that is generated is the heat of the product in the pan, and the latent heat from the pan onto the glass, there is no wasted energy around the pan.

Induction technology has been used in the foodservice industry since the 60's, over the years the technology has become very reliable, flexible and powerful. Cooktek Commercial Induction Hobs start at 2.5Kw per hob and go up, in various Kw loadings to 8Kw per hob, ensuring we have a suitable power rating for most kitchen environments.

To support the strength and reliability of the Cooktek brand, all Cooktek Cooking Equipment is supported by a 5 year parts and labour warranty.

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