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Induction Specialist Products

Cooktek, as can be seen in the previous pages, has a great ability to think outside the box when developing new products, so bringing new technologies to the operator and making life easier, to deliver these offerings.

Two specialist products that fit this category are the Faheater unit, which is a commercial induction hob with three adjustable, timed features, that will heat cast iron sizzle plates in 90 seconds (time dependant on the heat required by the customer), using very little energy, where the traditional way of heating these plates is under a gas grill, or in a gas oven for 20 minutes or more.

The room service delivery system is a product that has been derived from the world renowned Cooktek, Heated Pizza Delivery System, and involves an induction unit with a timed heating mode, and a special silicone encapsulated disc. This disc is heated in around three minutes and is placed under the plate on a serving tray, keeping the food hot on the way to the room.








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