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Induction Heated Pizza Delivery

This cordless system which is now used by all the major Pizza Delivery chains, has proved its reliability and effectiveness since its introduction into the market in 1999, and 11 years on it is still the world leader.

Over the years the product has continued to improve as advances in technology have continued ensuring this product is still the leader in its field, removing all cold deliveries saving the operator money and enhancing the eating experience for the customer.

"No one orders a cold pizza, so why would you deliver one"

CookTek Pizza Heated Bag Delivery System 16" pizzas

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic and simple red light / green light operation
  • Heats in only minutes
  • No cords on the bags
  • Keeps pizza hot and crispy for 45 minutes
  • 200 - 240V AC
  • Do NOT mix with 18" (457mm) chargers and bags
  • Do NOT mix with ThermaCube delivery system or bags

CookTek Pizza Bag Heated Delivery System for 18" pizzas

PTDS system for 18" pizzas.

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